TVXQ is a boy band formed from SM Entertainment. The name TVXQ is an acronym for Tong Vfang Xien Qi. This name translates as “The Rising Gods of the East”. The genres of their performances are pop, dance, and R&B. The members of TVXQ are Xiah (Korean: 시아준수) , U-Know (Korean:유노윤호), Hero (Korean: 영웅재중), Max (Korean: 최강창민), and Micky (Korean: 미키유천). TVXQ’s debut was made on December 26, 2003. It was during BoA and Britney Spears showcase, performing their single, “Hug” and an a cappella rendition of “O Holy Night” with BoA. The actual debut single “Hug” was released in January 2004. They sold a total of 169,532 copies and was fourth place on the monthly charts. Their debut single was the fourteenth best-selling record of the year. They released their second single, “The Way U Are” on July 2004. This track were second place on the charts and became the ninth best-selling record of the year. They actually sold 214.069 copies. Tri-Angle was their debut album which was released on October 2004. This album was sold a total of 242,580 copies. It was the year’s eighth best-selling record.

TVXQ headed over to Japan with their single, “Stay with Me Tonight”. They were introduced as Tohoshinki under the Avex sub-label Rhythm Zone. “Somebody to Love” was their second single and their third Japanese single was “My Destiny”. They made it the thirty-fifth best-selling record of the year selling 49,945 copies. With all these remarkable records and achievements, TVXQ received the Best Music Video award for their single “Rising Sun” and the People’s Choice Award at the 2005 Mnet KM Music Video Festival.

TVXQ had their first international tour on 2006 called “Rising Sun 1st Asia Tour”. They toured China, South Korea, Thailand, and Malaysia. TVXQ was the first Korean performers to hold a concert in Malaysia. Their first Japanese tour, 1st Live Tour 2006: Heart, Mind and Soul, was held from May to June. TVXQ released two more Japanese singles, “Begin” and “Sky”.


Idol groups dominate K-pop?

These days a lot of idol groups are dominating K-pop. This domination started from Fin. KL, H.O.T., Sechs Kies, S.E.S., and Shinhwa. These groups are called the first generation idol group. Most of the members were pretty young when they debuted, and they were made up by huge entertainments. The second generation includes Boa, and TVXQ. Their music focused for more popular appeal and musicality. Nowadays, the idol groups named, Big Bang, CN Blue, F.T. Island, Super Junior, 2PM, 2AM, U-Kiss, Girl’s Generation, F(x), Tiara, Kara, Wonder Girls, MBLAQ, BEAST, 4 Minute, and etc. are dominating K-pop. Anyone will notice that there is a huge boom in the idol groups just be seeing the increase in the number of idol groups that are created. These groups are called the third generation idol groups and they focus more on their individuality. Each of these numerous idol group members try to appeal their differentiated unique characteristics as it has become very competitive. These idol groups are getting interest not only from teenagers but from men and women of all ages. I, as an ordinary teenager, also have huge interests into the korean idol groups. I will upload posts about some hot news and some of the groups that I am particularly interested in later on. These are some of the videos of the korean idol groups.

I’m A Loner by CN Blue:

Heartbeat by 2PM:

Haru Haru by Big Bang:

Sorry Sorry by Super Junior: