Big Bang

Big Bang (Korean: 빅뱅) is a Korean hip-hop boy band signed to the YG entertainment. The members of Big Bang are G-dragon (Korean: 권지용), Seungri (Korean: 이승현), Daesung (Korean: 강대성), Taeyang (Korean: 동영배), and TOP (Korean: 최승현). G-dragon is the leader of this band and Seungri and Daesung, the vocal, Taeyang, the lead vocal and rapper, and TOP, the vocal and rapper. Their first album was presented in 2006 but some people knew Big Bang even before this first album because they were already presented on television through the Big Bang Documnetary. It was documented to show how it has led to be the current five members in Big Bang and this process was like a survival. In the end, the documentary shows a member dropping out before their official debut. The song that made Big Bang today, is Lies. From then on, Big Bang became one of the top Korean Idol groups.

Big Bang’s popularity is shown in not only the music industry, but also the fashion industry. They often wore hip hop style clothing which made a lot of the people follow their fashion. The “Big Bang fashion” includes high-top shoes, baggy pants and skinny jeans, slanted caps, printed hoodies, and scarves. Many people followed their fashion style and music style. They even influenced a Chinese band to make their band’s name OkBang. They stated themselves as having a lot of similarities with the korean hip hop boy band Big Bang, when considering their fashion, hairstyle, and music.

Big Bang has produced numerous songs such as “Oh My Friend”, “Last Farewell”, “Number 1”, “Wonderful”, “Bringing You Love”, “My Heaven”, “Make Love”, “Lady”, “Emotion”, “Love Club”, “Always”, “Follow Me”, “Stay”, “Baby Baby”, “Top of The World”, “So Fresh, So Cool”, “Lollipop”, “Remember”, “Candle”, “Everything”, “With U”, “How Gee”, “Come Be My Lady”, “Dirty Cash”, “VIP”, “So Beautiful”, “I Don’t Understand”, “Oh Ma Baby”, “She Can’t Get Enough”, “Big Boy”, “Forever With You”, “B I G B A N G”, “Victory, “We Belong Together”, “Shake It”, “Crazy Dog”, “La La La”, “Wild Wild West”, and “Remember”. These songs were often composed by the Big Bang members themselves and they have huge talents as seen from these various songs. One of my favorite songs by Big Bang is “Day By Day” (Korean: 하루하루). It was the title track in their Stand Up album. The picture above is one of the scenes in the music video of “Day By Day”.

Big Bang has won numerous awards from the Cyworld Digital Music Award, MKMF, Golden Disk Awards, Asian Music Extreme Awards, Hiwon Seoul Music Awards, Annual Korean People’s Music Choice Award, Nickelodeon Korea Kids Choice Award, Korea Broadcast Award, Japan Cable Broadcasting Award, and a lot more.

This hip-hop boy band group has made a lot of achievements even beyond our own nation. I hope they will succeed with their upcoming new album and will make Korea well known to other countries by their music.