This week, my friends and I are dancing in the pep rally. The pep rally includes all of the high school students. As the number of audiences can be very intimidating, we are currently practicing to do our best.

We have managed to dance to the songs, “Madonna” by Secret, “Hoot” by Girl’s Generation, “Niggazhitggae” by Sistar, “Let it go”, and “Dangerous” by Boa.

I have been in the dance club since the beginning of high school because I really do enjoy dancing.

During my freshmen year, my friend and I participated in the dance KAIAC in which various international schools in Korea got together and showed off their talents. The video below is a short clip of my friend and I practicing for the KAIAC routine. Our routine consists of “Sweet dreams” by Beyonce, “Change” by Hyuna, “Anonymous”, and “Oh” by Girl’ Generation.

I would continue participating in the dance club in our school and would continue learning new dances to perform.



The winter break of my sophomore has ended. Guess what I did in the break….

I went to hakwons period.

Just in case you have no clue of what a “hakwon” is, it is a place where a majority of the students in Korea go to for additional learning. I have gone to hakwons from when I was a little kid until the beginning of my middle school years. After some break from hakwons, I started to go to hakwons in my highschool year.

A lot of debate have been going on about whether “hakwon”s are necessary. Hakwons have already become almost as a part of Korean culture. As education is a big part of Korea, these hakwons are taking a huge part also.

These hakwons are unmeasurably expensive these days. Despite the extremely high cost of this additional education, the mothers of these students still send their children to these hakwons. They believe that it is important to be ahead of the school’s schedule and should get as much help as possible even after school.

Some hakwons were even open through midnight. Even with laws that restrict the time that the hakwons can be opened, a lot of the hakwons seem to find the way out. The student’s hakwon life has gone crazy. Some students say they are always at either school or hakwons other than when they sleep at home.

I do believe that hakwons can be a great help to the students that need extra help or wants to study in a more advanced level. However, this culture is becoming excessive and causes a lot of problems.

I do not say that hakwons should be banned, but the students in Korea including their parents should not totally rely on them.


In our Economy class, we are having a debate. We were divided into pairs and each pair argues for for or against for a particular question. Our question is:

Is Wal-Mart good for the American economy?

I had to argue for being against this question. When I was assigned with this question and position at first, I thought there were no way to win this debate. However, when I thought about it for quite a while, I recognized some of the negative impacts Wal-Mart gives to the American Economy.

There are 4 arguments that my partner and I came up with. One of the arguments are that it kills the other mom and pop stores. Walmart is too much of a competition for the small mom and pop stores to survive. Thus, when their stores close down, the majority of the owners would not have any place but Walmart to work. This will increase the number of poor people and would encourage Walmart’s low quality products for making them as cheap as possible.

I hope that our debate would work out well and would get to learn from each other on both the topic and how to do a good debate.



Yes, I finally made through the first semester of my sophomore year. I am glad that I have actually finished it, but I cannot believe how fast it went.

The seniors tell me that my four years of high school will pass in a instant. Although junior year will be quite tough, those days will be missed when graduation time comes.

I agree with what they say. However, I often lose myself. I want to slack off at times. As time passes, I desire good grades with less effort.

Then I hear from people that have went through their high school years. They all say that they somewhat regret for either not studying as much or not reading enough books.

I get encouraged and motivated by these stories, hoping that I would not have anything to regret when I grow up.

But still.

It is hard. It is easy to say what you are going to do, but it is hard to take it into action. I am currently losing myself. Thinking whether I should just stay with my current grade or work my butt off to at least raise a small portion of my grade.

There are loads of work to do before the finals. When I think about the amount, I feel like I would never make it on time. However, I believe that If I put effort for another 2 weeks, then I am done.

These are the tasks that I have to do:

Macbeth essay. Econ debate preperation. Chemistry worksheet. Psychology worksheet. Precal chapter set. Psychology note-taking. Study Chemistry Quiz. Study Psych Quiz. English Move project. Psychology 2500 words paper essay. English essay presentation.

Hope I will survive the finals week.

time flies

10/25/10 Curriculum day

10/30/10 Halloween social

11/02/10 Start of cheer season

11/17/10 First home game

I will constantly update some of my school events. As you may predict, these are the upcoming events that will occur at my school.

It is getting really difficult to notice how much time has gone by. This started happening as I started my high school life. Maybe it’s because I concentrate a lot to do the massive amount of homework.

But maybe, it is just because I am lazy. Too lazy to even think where the clock is, which way to turn my head, and look at which numbers the arrows are pointing.

I am just glad that I have my weekend an extra day extended. I hope I would not rely on that day too much to complete my homework, projects, quizzes, and tests.

a new start

I was looking back to all the posts that I have made during my freshmen year. In some ways, they could look pretty interesting with all the information about Korea’s top idol groups. But may be, those did not seem to really get me into blogging.

The blog posts that I have written in my freshmen year sound rather awkward. I really think it is because our classmates were told to write formally. Now, that our blogs are not that restricted, I would be able to use my blogs more effectively.

Although I knew how blogging is not of  any workload but rather pleasurable. But, honestly, I was just too busy. Now, that is an excuse indeed.

Being a sophomore, I am now getting very use to the whole curriculum of our school. But, I do not know if I am giving the best out of me. GPAs, tests, quizzes, SATs, APs, projects, labs. Do I have to go through these for another 2 and a half years?

I panic often.

Well, when I say this to one of the juniors or seniors, they tell me that I have a long way to go. They say sophomore year is nothing compared to your junior year. Umm… okay.  Are they serious? Maybe when I see this post after I have went through my whole junior year, I could laugh at this. But, seriously, I hope I would survive. I mean, survive well, with satisfying results.

Anyways, I do panic, especially when I look at my agenda and powerschool. I am now looking at my agenda again, reading the list of projects, tests, quizzes, and homework. They scare me. I usually plan out my time, assigning homework for each hour and etc.

Time management. That is the hardest in which I have to overcome.

Thus, I would constantly post the list of tasks that I need to accomplish in my blogs. I will also expand in the category for the idol groups by posting up recent news about them. Cheerleading is another category that I have uploaded one post. I would continue write about my progress in cheerleading and any of the accomplishments from our school. I would definitely write blog posts that are more personal, or rather more valuable for me.

Okay, now that I have made specific plans for blogging, I will hope that it will be much more successful. I will start out by listing the things that I need to do the following week, wishing me the best luck.

chinese video project, Econ 5-2 questions, precal page 209 # 3-15 odd 19-35 odd 43-61 odd 69-79 odd 89-111 odd, psych project, chinese script, chem lab, blog post

English Quiz

Economy Quiz

English Quiz

Chemistry Test

Economy Test

Precalculus Test