Big Bang

Big Bang (Korean: 빅뱅) is a Korean hip-hop boy band signed to the YG entertainment. The members of Big Bang are G-dragon (Korean: 권지용), Seungri (Korean: 이승현), Daesung (Korean: 강대성), Taeyang (Korean: 동영배), and TOP (Korean: 최승현). G-dragon is the leader of this band and Seungri and Daesung, the vocal, Taeyang, the lead vocal and rapper, and TOP, the vocal and rapper. Their first album was presented in 2006 but some people knew Big Bang even before this first album because they were already presented on television through the Big Bang Documnetary. It was documented to show how it has led to be the current five members in Big Bang and this process was like a survival. In the end, the documentary shows a member dropping out before their official debut. The song that made Big Bang today, is Lies. From then on, Big Bang became one of the top Korean Idol groups.

Big Bang’s popularity is shown in not only the music industry, but also the fashion industry. They often wore hip hop style clothing which made a lot of the people follow their fashion. The “Big Bang fashion” includes high-top shoes, baggy pants and skinny jeans, slanted caps, printed hoodies, and scarves. Many people followed their fashion style and music style. They even influenced a Chinese band to make their band’s name OkBang. They stated themselves as having a lot of similarities with the korean hip hop boy band Big Bang, when considering their fashion, hairstyle, and music.

Big Bang has produced numerous songs such as “Oh My Friend”, “Last Farewell”, “Number 1”, “Wonderful”, “Bringing You Love”, “My Heaven”, “Make Love”, “Lady”, “Emotion”, “Love Club”, “Always”, “Follow Me”, “Stay”, “Baby Baby”, “Top of The World”, “So Fresh, So Cool”, “Lollipop”, “Remember”, “Candle”, “Everything”, “With U”, “How Gee”, “Come Be My Lady”, “Dirty Cash”, “VIP”, “So Beautiful”, “I Don’t Understand”, “Oh Ma Baby”, “She Can’t Get Enough”, “Big Boy”, “Forever With You”, “B I G B A N G”, “Victory, “We Belong Together”, “Shake It”, “Crazy Dog”, “La La La”, “Wild Wild West”, and “Remember”. These songs were often composed by the Big Bang members themselves and they have huge talents as seen from these various songs. One of my favorite songs by Big Bang is “Day By Day” (Korean: 하루하루). It was the title track in their Stand Up album. The picture above is one of the scenes in the music video of “Day By Day”.

Big Bang has won numerous awards from the Cyworld Digital Music Award, MKMF, Golden Disk Awards, Asian Music Extreme Awards, Hiwon Seoul Music Awards, Annual Korean People’s Music Choice Award, Nickelodeon Korea Kids Choice Award, Korea Broadcast Award, Japan Cable Broadcasting Award, and a lot more.

This hip-hop boy band group has made a lot of achievements even beyond our own nation. I hope they will succeed with their upcoming new album and will make Korea well known to other countries by their music.



2PM is a Korean boy band in the JYP entertainment. They originally consisted of seven group members but the withdrawal of their leader, Jaebom, made them into six. The current members of 2PM are Taecyeon, Junsu, Nichkhun, Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung.

C.N. Blue

C.N. Blue is a Korean indie rock band that gained a lot of public interest even though it hasn’t been long since their debut. They debuted on August 19, 2009 in Japan. Their band name, C.N. Blue, stands for the phrase, Code Name Blue. The members include Yonghwa (Korean: 정용화), Jonghyun (Korean: 이종현), Minhyuk (Korean: 강민혁), and Jungshin (Korean: 이정신). Yonghwas is the leader of this band, a vocalist, guitarist, and rapper. Jonghyun is a guitarist, and vocalist, Minhyuk, a drummer, and vocalist, and Jungshin, a bassist, and rapper.

C.N. Blue’s first album, ThankU, and two mini-albums, Now or Never, and Voice, was released in Japan. The track lists of ThankU are “Intro”, “Let’s Go Crazy”, “Love Revolution”, “Wanna be Like U”, “Never too late”, “Now or Never”, “voice”, “Just Please”, “One of a Kind”, “”, “Y, Why”, and “Teardrops in the Rain”. The songs of Now or Never are “Now or Never”, “Let’s Go crazy”, “Love Revolution”, “Just Please”, and “Teardrops in the Rain”. Voice includes songs named “Voice”, “Wanna Be Like U”, “Never too Late”, “Y, Why…”, and “One of a Kind”. They released their mini-album in Korea for the first time which is named, Bluetory on January 14, 2010. Even before, on January 12, 2010, C.N. Blue released their music video of their mini-album’s title track, “I’m A Loner”. The songs in Bluetory includes “I’m A Loner”, “Love Revolution”, “Y, Why…”, “Now or Never”, and “I Will…Forget You…”.They have took the number one spots on album sales charts and all music charts for a while.

I really think that this boy band has something special compared to the other idol groups and I hope C.N. Blue will have great results with their next album.

Idol groups dominate K-pop?

These days a lot of idol groups are dominating K-pop. This domination started from Fin. KL, H.O.T., Sechs Kies, S.E.S., and Shinhwa. These groups are called the first generation idol group. Most of the members were pretty young when they debuted, and they were made up by huge entertainments. The second generation includes Boa, and TVXQ. Their music focused for more popular appeal and musicality. Nowadays, the idol groups named, Big Bang, CN Blue, F.T. Island, Super Junior, 2PM, 2AM, U-Kiss, Girl’s Generation, F(x), Tiara, Kara, Wonder Girls, MBLAQ, BEAST, 4 Minute, and etc. are dominating K-pop. Anyone will notice that there is a huge boom in the idol groups just be seeing the increase in the number of idol groups that are created. These groups are called the third generation idol groups and they focus more on their individuality. Each of these numerous idol group members try to appeal their differentiated unique characteristics as it has become very competitive. These idol groups are getting interest not only from teenagers but from men and women of all ages. I, as an ordinary teenager, also have huge interests into the korean idol groups. I will upload posts about some hot news and some of the groups that I am particularly interested in later on. These are some of the videos of the korean idol groups.

I’m A Loner by CN Blue:

Heartbeat by 2PM:

Haru Haru by Big Bang:

Sorry Sorry by Super Junior:


Hi! This is Michelle. I will start my first blog with a short introduction about myself. This is my first time blogging and my main purpose is for a homework assignment from my English class. I did not have any particular emotion about starting a blog; I neither sighed nor jumped up and down full of joy. That is, how I began my blog.

After reading this first paragraph, you would wonder how dull and uninteresting my blogs will be because it’s just a normal high school girl’s English assignment.

However, the story changes. It changed when I started looking at other people’s blogs and knew what the purpose of blogging was. I realized that I had a misunderstanding of bloggers. As I read through several blogs, I found myself greatly impressed by some touching stories. I was frequently amazed by how creative and moving a blog of short writing can be. Now, blogging actually exhilarates me as I think about how I could share some stories of me being an ordinary KIS high school girl and the fact that it is always shared in public.

Through this blog, I want to share my memorable high school life. Blogging about my high school life would really help me ease up some of my unbearable pressures that I get as an ordinary teenager and will be able to diffuse my mounting tensions that I get as I age every year. I am currently a freshman full of miscellaneous thoughts and feelings. In these miscellaneous thoughts and feelings there are some excitement and expectations for the achievements I will make in the future. On the other hand, I also find myself panicking of anxiety when thinking about how my junior year will turn out to be when freshmen year is already this intense. I often imagine myself collapsing on the floor or pulling my hair out when I bump into a burden of tasks to accomplish.

I know that high school is a very important period of time in my life. I know that this implies to not only me, but almost every student. The purpose of high schools are mostly for college preparation. That will explain why one’s high school life is considered very significant. Nowadays, people often cry out the word, college, college, and college. It’s especially seen in Korea, a nation where education are certainly harsh and serious.

To add a little more fun, you will find hot topics on K-pop in my blog. I am a huge fan in some idol groups and you’ll get to find out more about it as you get to read my blogs! Other than my blogs, also check out some photos that I will upload which will give you some clues about my high school life. I hope my blogs will make disparate people feel empathy for my austere stories that I will begin writing.