C.N. Blue

C.N. Blue is a Korean indie rock band that gained a lot of public interest even though it hasn’t been long since their debut. They debuted on August 19, 2009 in Japan. Their band name, C.N. Blue, stands for the phrase, Code Name Blue. The members include Yonghwa (Korean: 정용화), Jonghyun (Korean: 이종현), Minhyuk (Korean: 강민혁), and Jungshin (Korean: 이정신). Yonghwas is the leader of this band, a vocalist, guitarist, and rapper. Jonghyun is a guitarist, and vocalist, Minhyuk, a drummer, and vocalist, and Jungshin, a bassist, and rapper.

C.N. Blue’s first album, ThankU, and two mini-albums, Now or Never, and Voice, was released in Japan. The track lists of ThankU are “Intro”, “Let’s Go Crazy”, “Love Revolution”, “Wanna be Like U”, “Never too late”, “Now or Never”, “voice”, “Just Please”, “One of a Kind”, “a.ri.ga.tou”, “Y, Why”, and “Teardrops in the Rain”. The songs of Now or Never are “Now or Never”, “Let’s Go crazy”, “Love Revolution”, “Just Please”, and “Teardrops in the Rain”. Voice includes songs named “Voice”, “Wanna Be Like U”, “Never too Late”, “Y, Why…”, and “One of a Kind”. They released their mini-album in Korea for the first time which is named, Bluetory on January 14, 2010. Even before, on January 12, 2010, C.N. Blue released their music video of their mini-album’s title track, “I’m A Loner”. The songs in Bluetory includes “I’m A Loner”, “Love Revolution”, “Y, Why…”, “Now or Never”, and “I Will…Forget You…”.They have took the number one spots on album sales charts and all music charts for a while.

I really think that this boy band has something special compared to the other idol groups and I hope C.N. Blue will have great results with their next album.