Web of Popularity, Weaved by Bullying

This post is not necessarily a news on areas of health or science. However, bullying, which I am going to present a news article about it, has been becoming a worldwide problem.

“It does highlight that it’s a typical behavior that’s used in establishing social networks and status,”

says Dr. Gallagher, an associate professor of child and adolescent psychiatry. These struggles for a higher social hierarchy within the student’s high school may and has led to numerous damaging consequences.

It is clear that the cause of this act of bullying is to get involved in the “popular” crowd. The most concerning problem is that most of the cases of bullying mostly involve chronic harassment of socially isolated students. Teenage aggression and victimization has also been reported in various forms several times.

Robert Faris, an assistant professor of sociology at U.C. Davis, has said that “most victimization is occurring in the middle to upper ranges of status” and that “rather than going after kids on the margins, they might be targeting kids who are rivals.”

People like Robert Faris are not many. This is because the bullying that occurs at a high school “may be somewhat invisible,” as Dr. Faris says. Most educators and parents are unaware of the aggression that is happening in school and the ample amount of stress that these students are getting everyday.

It is hard to either block or lessen the severity of this problem. However, there has been some efforts for it. Dr. Faris has been saying that “all the attention has been on the mental health deficiencies of the bullies” and that they “need to direct more attention to how aggression is interwoven into the social fabric of these schools.”


Success of Spina Bifida Study Opens Fetal Surgery Door

“While this is a very promising and quite exciting result,”

says Dr. Diana Farmer, a surgeon in chief at the Benioff Children’s Hospital at the University of California, San Francisco.

For a considerable amount of time, surgeons have been trying to fix problems on the baby by operating in the womb. It was hard to overcome all the difficulties and risks to both the baby and the mother. Thus, this surgery was used only when the baby was on definite risk of dying.

Recently, a trial showed that a fetal surgery may not always be life-threatening. This was shown from Tyson Thomas, of Stansbury Park, Utah, who’s currently 22-months old. When his mother, Jessica Thomas, had him, the doctor told her that this baby’s malformation is at “the worst they had ever seen and would be likely that he wouldn’t be able to breathe on his own.”

After the surgery, Tyson is able to breathe independently and shows absolutely no brainstem malformation. Mr. Thomas, his nurse, said that he is even “getting really close to walking.”

Now many babies could be able to receive surgery to close the spinal opening after birth. However, there are still some problems that cannot be overcome. It has been said that the nerve damage from the spinal cord exposure to amniotic fluid remains. Also, the brainstem may be pilled into the spinal column. The surgical replacements may have to be repeated and there may be infections.

I hope this area of study will develop to increase the chances of success in this fetal surgery and would safe a lot more lives.

As U.S. Patients Await Organ Transplants, Potential Donors Struggle for Visas

“When patients need a transplant, most of the time, the first people they turn to is their families … It becomes complicated when their families are not in the U.S., which in a lot of instances, that is the case.”

This is a quote from Dr. Juan Carlos Caicedo, a transplant surgeon and director of the Hispanic Transplant Program at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

I am starting my blog with a new theme: health. It is an area that I have great interest in and would also want to hear diverse views about those issues. The first post of this theme concerns the difficulties for organ transplants to be done when there already is an organ donor.

One of the cases goes to the Dr. Gabriel Danovitch, a transplant surgeon at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is treating his patient, Dr. Danovitch, an immigrant from Mexico whose kidneys have failed. Luckily, this patient has a donor, his brother.

Then what is the issue, when the patient already has a donor? The big problem is that his brother, being a Mexican citizen did not have a visa to come to the states.

It is just a pitiful situation, not being able to save a person’s life because one could not get the visa. Some issues also deal with some of the poor families whom cannot afford to pay for the donors in order to travel to the states.

This is a situation of complication. It is not that easy to just allow people to come to the states by giving mercy to the situation. On the other hand, these desperate situations cannot be merely avoided.

I hope a solution that will benefit with less losses will come up to better the current situation.

Image: http://cntransplant.com/2.htm

News: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/21/us/21transplants.html?ref=health


This week, my friends and I are dancing in the pep rally. The pep rally includes all of the high school students. As the number of audiences can be very intimidating, we are currently practicing to do our best.

We have managed to dance to the songs, “Madonna” by Secret, “Hoot” by Girl’s Generation, “Niggazhitggae” by Sistar, “Let it go”, and “Dangerous” by Boa.

I have been in the dance club since the beginning of high school because I really do enjoy dancing.

During my freshmen year, my friend and I participated in the dance KAIAC in which various international schools in Korea got together and showed off their talents. The video below is a short clip of my friend and I practicing for the KAIAC routine. Our routine consists of “Sweet dreams” by Beyonce, “Change” by Hyuna, “Anonymous”, and “Oh” by Girl’ Generation.

I would continue participating in the dance club in our school and would continue learning new dances to perform.


The winter break of my sophomore has ended. Guess what I did in the break….

I went to hakwons period.

Just in case you have no clue of what a “hakwon” is, it is a place where a majority of the students in Korea go to for additional learning. I have gone to hakwons from when I was a little kid until the beginning of my middle school years. After some break from hakwons, I started to go to hakwons in my highschool year.

A lot of debate have been going on about whether “hakwon”s are necessary. Hakwons have already become almost as a part of Korean culture. As education is a big part of Korea, these hakwons are taking a huge part also.

These hakwons are unmeasurably expensive these days. Despite the extremely high cost of this additional education, the mothers of these students still send their children to these hakwons. They believe that it is important to be ahead of the school’s schedule and should get as much help as possible even after school.

Some hakwons were even open through midnight. Even with laws that restrict the time that the hakwons can be opened, a lot of the hakwons seem to find the way out. The student’s hakwon life has gone crazy. Some students say they are always at either school or hakwons other than when they sleep at home.

I do believe that hakwons can be a great help to the students that need extra help or wants to study in a more advanced level. However, this culture is becoming excessive and causes a lot of problems.

I do not say that hakwons should be banned, but the students in Korea including their parents should not totally rely on them.


In our Economy class, we are having a debate. We were divided into pairs and each pair argues for for or against for a particular question. Our question is:

Is Wal-Mart good for the American economy?

I had to argue for being against this question. When I was assigned with this question and position at first, I thought there were no way to win this debate. However, when I thought about it for quite a while, I recognized some of the negative impacts Wal-Mart gives to the American Economy.

There are 4 arguments that my partner and I came up with. One of the arguments are that it kills the other mom and pop stores. Walmart is too much of a competition for the small mom and pop stores to survive. Thus, when their stores close down, the majority of the owners would not have any place but Walmart to work. This will increase the number of poor people and would encourage Walmart’s low quality products for making them as cheap as possible.

I hope that our debate would work out well and would get to learn from each other on both the topic and how to do a good debate.



Yes, I finally made through the first semester of my sophomore year. I am glad that I have actually finished it, but I cannot believe how fast it went.

The seniors tell me that my four years of high school will pass in a instant. Although junior year will be quite tough, those days will be missed when graduation time comes.

I agree with what they say. However, I often lose myself. I want to slack off at times. As time passes, I desire good grades with less effort.

Then I hear from people that have went through their high school years. They all say that they somewhat regret for either not studying as much or not reading enough books.

I get encouraged and motivated by these stories, hoping that I would not have anything to regret when I grow up.

But still.

It is hard. It is easy to say what you are going to do, but it is hard to take it into action. I am currently losing myself. Thinking whether I should just stay with my current grade or work my butt off to at least raise a small portion of my grade.

There are loads of work to do before the finals. When I think about the amount, I feel like I would never make it on time. However, I believe that If I put effort for another 2 weeks, then I am done.

These are the tasks that I have to do:

Macbeth essay. Econ debate preperation. Chemistry worksheet. Psychology worksheet. Precal chapter set. Psychology note-taking. Study Chemistry Quiz. Study Psych Quiz. English Move project. Psychology 2500 words paper essay. English essay presentation.

Hope I will survive the finals week.