4minute is a Korean girl group formed under the Cube Entertainment. The members of this group are Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, Hyuna, and Sohyun. Although the leader of 4minute is Ji Hyun, a lot of the main singing parts and centered dancing roles belong to Hyun A. Hyun A is the former member of the Wonder Girls who could not continue to be in Wonder Girls due to her health problems. Hyun A was born in June 6, 1992 and is the main rapper, vocalist, and a main dancer. Ji Hyun, the leader, was born in January 9, 1990 and is a vocalist. Gayoon is the main vocalist and was born in May 18, 1990. Ji Yoon is the lead vocalist, rapper, and dancer and was born in October 15, 1990. Sohyun is the youngest among the group and is a vocalist and rapper. She was born in August 30, 1994.

Their debut single was “Hot Issue” which was released on June 15, 2009 with the group member’s pictures and music video teasers. This single quickly climbed onto top five in various Korean digital music charts such as Bugs, Soribada, Mnet, and Cyworld. Their debut performance was on June 18th to 21st on Mnet’s M!Countdown, KBS’s Music Bank, MBC’s Music Core, and SBS’s Popular Song.

4minute won the “Rookie Of The Month” award for June and August. Their first award was won on Inkigayo on September 27. They won another award on October 1st on M!Countdown.

“For Muzik” was released as their first mini album on August 31, 2009. The producers were Shinsadong Tiger, Lee Sang Ho, and Kim Do Hoon. The singles that are included in this album are “Hot Issue”, “Muzik”, and “What A Girl Wants”. “Muzik”, their Japanese Mini Album was released on May 5, 2010. Also, recently, 4minute has released another album named “HuH”. This was released on May 19, 2010.

4minute has received various awards. The awards that 4minute has gotten in the year 2009 are “Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Rookie of the Month”, “Korea’s Cultural, Physical Education and Tourism Bureau: Rookie Music Award”, “SBS: Power Rookie”, and “Golden Disk Awards: Samsung YEPP Rookie Award”. They have also gotten the “16th Korea Entertainment Arts Awards: Newcomer Award” and “2010 Asia Model Awards: Popular Artist Award” in the year 2010.



F(x) is a Korean girl group under the SM Entertainment. The leader of this group is Victoria and Krystal, Sulli, Luna, and Amber are the other members. Krystal is the member who was first spotted by the SM Entertainment in 2000 and took part in the Shinhwa’s music video, “Wedding March”. In 2006, Luna was the next member SM Entertainment had spotted by recruiting her after seeing her perform on a television program. SM Entertainment then discovered Victoria in 2007. Lastly, Amber came into the SM Entertainment after being casted from an audition in LA, California. Sulli was the first member for officially debuting. She was a child actress who took part as a young Princess Sun-hwa in the SBS television drama, “The Ballad of Seodong”. Krystal began training for f(x) in 2006 with Sulli and Luna and Amber joining in early 2008. On August 24, 2009, SM Entertainment released F(x)’s teaser preview introducing them as “Asia’a Pop Dance Group”. Then they released pictures of the F(x) members one by one on SM Town’s official website. First, Sulli was revealed on August 26, Amber on August 27, Krystal on August 28, Luna on August 29, and Victoria on August 30. This group, F(x), released their first single, “La Cha Ta” on September 1st with a teaser of their music video on YouTube. Their first broadcast performance of this song was at the MBC’s music show, “Show! Music Core” on September 5th. “Chocolate Love” was also released as a digital single with their label mate, Girls’ Generation. This song was for advertising the 4th edition of the Blacklabel series LG CYON phone, Chocolate. F(x) released their album, “Chu~<3” that following month. This album consists of three songs. Krystal, Luna, and Amber recorded the song, “Spread Its Wings” for the KBS Drama “God of Study”. Also, Krystal and Luna recorded a song, “Calling Out” for the KBS drama “Cinderella’s Sister”.

Girls Generation

Girls’ Generation is a Korean girl group under the SM Entertainment. There are nine members in this group: Yoona, Tiffany, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Sooyoung, Taeyeon, Jessica, and Sunny.

This group has been in various reality shows. In 2007, they took a documentary called “Girls’ Generation Goes To School” and “MTV Girls’ Generation”. In 2008 the name of the show they participated in as the Elle gilrs was “Girls’ Generation Factory”. In 2009, they participated in the “Horror Movie Factory”  which was discontinued due to low ratings, “Himnae-ra-him!/ Cheer Up!” which was discontinued to due conflicts in their schedules, and “Hello Baby” which was exteneded due to its popularity. In 2010, they were in the show named, “Right Now It’s Girls’ Generation”.

There was one controversy during the 208 Dream Concert that Girls’ Generation had performed in. The various fanclubs, notably including the E.L.F, Cassiopeia and Triple S turned off their glowsticks and remained silent only while Girls’ Generation was performing.

Girls’ Generation has won various awards since July 2007, their debut. In 2007, they have gotten the “Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Rookie of the Month”, “14th Annual Korean Enetertainment Arts Awards: Best New Female Group”, “22nd Golden Disk Awards: Anycall Newcomer Award”, and the “22nd Golden Disk Awards: Anycall Popularity Award”. In 2008, they got the “17th Seoul Music Awards: High1 Music Award”, “17th Seoul Music Awards: Best New Artist Award”, “M.net 20’s Choice Awards: Hot Sweet Music Award”, and the “15th Annual Korean Entertainment Arts Awards: Best Female Group”. In 2009, Girls’ Generation has received more awards: the “Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song of the Month”, “Nickelodeon Korea Kids Choice Awards: Best Female Singer Award”, “Incheon Culture Day Ceremony: 2009 Young Artist Award”, “17th Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards: Artist Daesang”, “24th Golden Disk Awards: Digital Daesang Award”, “24th Golden Disk Awards: Digital Bonsang Award”, “Congress Daesang Ceremony Award: Pop Music Award”, and “2009 MBC Entertainment Awards: Special Award”. In 2010, this group has gotten the “16th Annual Korea Entertainment Arts Awards Ceremony: Best Female Group”, “Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism: Content Industry Awards”, “19th Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang Award”, “19th Seoul Music Awards: Digital Music Award”, “19th Seoul Music Awards: Daesang Award”, “7th Korean Music Awards: Song of the Year”, and “7th Korean Music Awards: Group Musician of the Year”.

Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls is a Korean girl band under the JYP Entertainment. The members of Wonder Girls are Sunye, Ye-eun, Sohee, Yoobin, and Hye-rim. The former members are Sunmi and Hyuna. Their debut was in the year 2007 with the song, “Irony”. It is included in their album, “The Wonder Begins”. This was released on February 13, 2007. Other singles included in this album is “It’s Not Love/ A Sorry Heart” which sold 14,815. “Irony” was on the 72nd place in the Korean music charts. The second album is called “The Wonder Years” and it was released on September 13, 2007. This includes the singles, “Tell Me”, “Wishing On A Star”, and “You Fool”. This reached 5th place in the Korean music charts. “So Hot” was released on June 3, 2008. This includes the singles, “So Hot” and “This Time”. It reached third place in the Korean music charts. “The Wonder Years Trilogy” was their 3rd single. This reached second place in the Korean music charts. It only includes the single, “Nobody”. They debuted in the US with “Nobody”. This was released June 26, 2009.

Wonder Girl’s peak positions of their international singles were 76th in the US, 1st in Korea, 1st in Hong Kong, and 1st in Taiwan with “Nobody” in 2009. “2 Different Tears” have been released recently.

This band has gotten various awards. Some of those awards are the “Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Rookie of the Month”, “2007 Mnet KM Music Festival: Best New Female Group”, “Korean Music Arts Festival: Female Photogenic Award”,”2007 Golden Disk Awards: Digital Music Bonsang”, “2007 Gold Disk Awards: Popularity Award”, “17th Seoul Music Awards: Rookie of the Year”, “2008 Nick Korea Kids Choice Awards: Best Female Singer”, “20th Korean Producers & Directors Awards: Best Singer Award”, “5th Korean Music Awards: Best Dance & Electronic Song Award”, “Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song of the Month”, “M.Net 20s Choice: Hot Club Music”, “2008 Mnet KM Music Festival: Best Female Group Award”, “2008 Mnet KM Music Festival: Best Music Video Award”, “2008 Mnet KM Music Festival: Song of the Year”, “9th Korea Visual Arts Festival: Most Photogenic Singer Award”, “25th Korea Best Dresser Awards: Best Dresser Award for Singer Category”, “23rd Golden Disk Awards: Digital Bonsang”, “2009 Asia Model Festival Awards: Asia Star Award”, “18th High1 Seoul Music Awards: Daesang Award” “18th High1 Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang Award”, “18th High1 Seoul Music Awards: Digital Music Award”, “6th Annual Korean Music Awards: Group of the Year”, “Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism: Artist of the Year”, “2009 MTV Style Gala: Best Asia Artist Of The Year”, “Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song of the Month”, and more.


Battle is a korean boy band that debuted on December 17, 2006 with their single, “Crash”. The group includes Rhu, Tae-hwa, Lio, Chris, and Hwi-chan.

Shin Ki-Hyun departed the group in 2008 who was picked by Eric of Shinhwa. Ryu, a rapper, is the oldest member among the five and is the leader picked by Andy of Shinhwa. He has been a model but left behind his model career because he wanted to concentrate on his music and acting career. Lio was picked by Jun Jin of Shinhwa who have featured Jun Jin’s first solo album under the track “Come Back”. He is also Jun Jin’s stepbrother. He is fluent in Mandarin as he studied in China and is currently studying English. Tae-hwa was chosen by Min Woo who is the best dancer among the members of the group. He has released a solo debut with a song named “Fallen Angels” in 2009. Its music video shows him portraying both an angel and a devil. Hwi-chan replaced Dongwan’s initial choice, Jang-hyun. Hwi-chan provided a strong, melodic voice to the group after he joined the Battle as Jang-hyun decided to leave the group. Chris is the youngest member among the group and was picked by Hye Sung. He has a sweet catchy voice who loves to cook for his fellow members. The former member, Ki-hyun rapped in the Battl’es songs but also sang some of the parts in their songs after he worked on his vocals. To pursue his actin career, he left the group after he acted in a small role in a drama. Various rumors are being dealt with about Ki-hyun’s departure from the team, Battle.

Battle has received two awards in 2007. They received the MKMF 2007 Awards: Male Group Newface, and MKMF 2007 Awards: Artist of the Year.

They released “Crash (Crazy Love)” in December 14, 2006 which includes the tracks, “Crash”, “Icarus”, “Flying Up”, and “Icarus Instrumental”. On May 30, 2007, they released “Tell Me” which includes the tracks, “Malhae!”, “Hey Yo”, “Broken Heart”, and “Broken Heart (Instrumental)”.

On June 10, 2008, they released the title, “Step by Step”. This title includes the songs, “Big Change”, “Step by Step”, and “Luv U”.

Sechs Kies

Sechs Kies is a korean hip hop boy band whom were the rivals of H.O.T. This boy band was formed by the Daesung Entertainment. They are also known as the 6kies or Jekkie and were active in the years between 1997 and 2000. They consist of six members including Eun Ji Won, Lee Jae Jin, Kim Jae Duc, Kang Sung Hoon, Ko Ji Yong, and Jang Su Won. Eun Ji Won is the leader, rapper, and vocalist, and Lee Jae Jin and Kim Jae Duc are the rappers in charge of the choreography. Kang Sung Hoon is the lead vocalist, Ko Ji Yong, the vocalist and rapper, and Jang Su Won is the vocalist.

Within this group, they are divided into to two subgroups: the White Kies and the Black Kies. The Black Kies consisted of Eun Ji Won, Lee Jae Jin, and Kim Jae Duc. The White Kies consisted of Kang Sung Hoon, Ko Ji Yong, and Jang Su Won. The Black Kies were mostly in charge of the rapping and the White Kies were in charge of the vocals. The Black Kies were the older members while the White Kies were the younger members of the band.

Sechs Kies’s debut was on April 15, 1997, performing “Haak Won Byul Gohk”. This was followed by their first album release which was on May 15, 1997. Their secnd album’s title track was “Kisado” and this album was released on November 15, 1997. This group also performed in musicals such as the “Alibaba and the 40 Thieves”. Their third album’s title song was “Crying Game” and this song was performed on July 5, 1998 on SBS Inki Gayo.

Sechs Kies released their first movie on July 17, 1998 which was named “Seventeen”. “Special album” or “3.5 album” is what the soundtrack of their movie is called, which was released on October 31, 1998. This included two songs, “Couple” and “Nuh Rul Boh Neh Myu”. A special photo album of them were released on Novemeber 30, 1998. SechsKies released their first concert video on April 5, 1999. This was recorded from their largest concert in the Seoul Concert on February 25, 1999. Another concert album was released with a video on April 10, 1999.

April 18, 1999 was their two year anniversary special official fan club meeting which was after they performed “My Love”. On September 1999, SechKies’s fourth album was released with songs named “Com’ Back,” “Yeh Gam,” and “Geu Dae Ro Mum Chu.”

SechsKies held a press conference to announced the group’s inevitable departure from the gayo scene on May 18, 2000. Therefore, the group “Sechs Kies” were no longer united to perform their fifth album. The music video “Thanks” was a rare music video made after their final concert.


MBLAQ is a korean quintet boy band created by Rain, a korean pop R&B singer under the J. Tune Entertainment. Their debut was on October 9, 2009 at the Rain’s Legend of Rainism concert. Their first single album “Just BLAQ” was released on October 14, 2009. The members include SeungHo (Korean: 승호), G.O (Korean: 지오), Joon (Korean: 이준), Thunder (Korean: 천둥), and Mir (Korean: 미르) and Sang Bae (Korean: 상배) is a former member.

SeungHo is the leader of MBLAQ and a vocalist. G.O is the main vocalist, Lee Joon is the vocalist and main dancer, Mir is the main rapper, and Thunder is the rapper, lead dancer, and vocalist. G.O was in a korean group, TYKEYS, a band that consists of three members debuted in 2007. Lee Joon once acted in a movie, “Ninja Assassin” as the younger version of Rain’s character Raizo. Thunder used to train under Loen Entertainment but later transferred to J.Tune. He is fluent in Tagalong and English as he had lived in the Philippines. His sister’s name is Sandara Park, a member of 2NE1. He also has experience featuring “New Celebration” together with Dok2. Sang Bae left right after MBLAQ debuted because of personal reasons.

MBLAQ released the teasers for their debut song, “Oh Yeah” on October 12. The music video was released two days after the teaser was released along with their debut single album, “Just BLAQ”. These songs topped various charts in Korea. They made their first broadcast debut “Oh Yeah” on M.net’s M!Countdown the next day.

In December, MBLAQ debuted in Japan when there was a fan meeting of Rain. The group released their music video on December 10, 2009 along with their track, “G.o.o.d Luv”. MBLAQ became part of the Idol Show Season five and the first episode aired the next day.