2PM is a Korean boy band in the JYP entertainment. They originally consisted of seven group members but the withdrawal of their leader, Jaebom, made them into six. The current members of 2PM are Taecyeon, Junsu, Nichkhun, Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung.


It’s just the beginning.

Is this a right decision for my future?

No one can predict one’s future but could improve them by one’s wise decisions and effort. I am currently at a point where I need to make this wise decision as it will make a pretty big difference in my future. As being a freshmen in Korea International School, there are many hardships but still lots of fun. I have heard lots of comparisons of this school and the schools in the states.

Last year, I have applied to the Chadwick School and got acceptance. I had prepared well enough to be ready to head abroad, but several problems did not let me go. The problem was mainly due to the house that was in procrastination and my father’s work, but there were still some problems that I personally had in mind. My parents were worried that I was too young to be independent. They constantly told me that there will be numerous hardships that I would not had even imagined during the process of adapting to the new school. I was also in anxiety due to this problem at first, thinking whether I would be able to adapt easily to a place that involves students from a variety of cultural backgrounds. However, I made a conclusion that this really depended on myself. If I made the right choices for the things to do and not to do and be a friendly, I will eventually be able to enjoy my high school life in the states. I also heard other various worries, but I think of them as stereotypes that people have without even having any experience. Even though there could be some struggles to get use to the new condition, I long to meet new people and get a sense of how hard it is to get things right independently. With some of the problems eased up, including our house in the states, my father’s work, and some of the internal problems, I would really like to challenge myself in Chadwick School as I had plenty of time to have a readiness of mind and to believe in myself.

This year, I saw a lot of people getting acceptances to schools in the states and getting excited to head abroad. This makes me remember the time when I when I got the acceptance letter from Chadwick School that I longed to go to. I do enjoy my high school life in Korea International School and have great expectations. However, I really want to have diverse experiences with more opportunities led in front of me. I know that I do not have much time to reconsider about my choice of my high school. Likewise, I think it is better to make a decision now to take a chance with faith in myself and have my high school life in Chadwick School.