a new start

I was looking back to all the posts that I have made during my freshmen year. In some ways, they could look pretty interesting with all the information about Korea’s top idol groups. But may be, those did not seem to really get me into blogging.

The blog posts that I have written in my freshmen year sound rather awkward. I really think it is because our classmates were told to write formally. Now, that our blogs are not that restricted, I would be able to use my blogs more effectively.

Although I knew how blogging is not of  any workload but rather pleasurable. But, honestly, I was just too busy. Now, that is an excuse indeed.

Being a sophomore, I am now getting very use to the whole curriculum of our school. But, I do not know if I am giving the best out of me. GPAs, tests, quizzes, SATs, APs, projects, labs. Do I have to go through these for another 2 and a half years?

I panic often.

Well, when I say this to one of the juniors or seniors, they tell me that I have a long way to go. They say sophomore year is nothing compared to your junior year. Umm… okay.  Are they serious? Maybe when I see this post after I have went through my whole junior year, I could laugh at this. But, seriously, I hope I would survive. I mean, survive well, with satisfying results.

Anyways, I do panic, especially when I look at my agenda and powerschool. I am now looking at my agenda again, reading the list of projects, tests, quizzes, and homework. They scare me. I usually plan out my time, assigning homework for each hour and etc.

Time management. That is the hardest in which I have to overcome.

Thus, I would constantly post the list of tasks that I need to accomplish in my blogs. I will also expand in the category for the idol groups by posting up recent news about them. Cheerleading is another category that I have uploaded one post. I would continue write about my progress in cheerleading and any of the accomplishments from our school. I would definitely write blog posts that are more personal, or rather more valuable for me.

Okay, now that I have made specific plans for blogging, I will hope that it will be much more successful. I will start out by listing the things that I need to do the following week, wishing me the best luck.

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English Quiz

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Hi! This is Michelle. I will start my first blog with a short introduction about myself. This is my first time blogging and my main purpose is for a homework assignment from my English class. I did not have any particular emotion about starting a blog; I neither sighed nor jumped up and down full of joy. That is, how I began my blog.

After reading this first paragraph, you would wonder how dull and uninteresting my blogs will be because it’s just a normal high school girl’s English assignment.

However, the story changes. It changed when I started looking at other people’s blogs and knew what the purpose of blogging was. I realized that I had a misunderstanding of bloggers. As I read through several blogs, I found myself greatly impressed by some touching stories. I was frequently amazed by how creative and moving a blog of short writing can be. Now, blogging actually exhilarates me as I think about how I could share some stories of me being an ordinary KIS high school girl and the fact that it is always shared in public.

Through this blog, I want to share my memorable high school life. Blogging about my high school life would really help me ease up some of my unbearable pressures that I get as an ordinary teenager and will be able to diffuse my mounting tensions that I get as I age every year. I am currently a freshman full of miscellaneous thoughts and feelings. In these miscellaneous thoughts and feelings there are some excitement and expectations for the achievements I will make in the future. On the other hand, I also find myself panicking of anxiety when thinking about how my junior year will turn out to be when freshmen year is already this intense. I often imagine myself collapsing on the floor or pulling my hair out when I bump into a burden of tasks to accomplish.

I know that high school is a very important period of time in my life. I know that this implies to not only me, but almost every student. The purpose of high schools are mostly for college preparation. That will explain why one’s high school life is considered very significant. Nowadays, people often cry out the word, college, college, and college. It’s especially seen in Korea, a nation where education are certainly harsh and serious.

To add a little more fun, you will find hot topics on K-pop in my blog. I am a huge fan in some idol groups and you’ll get to find out more about it as you get to read my blogs! Other than my blogs, also check out some photos that I will upload which will give you some clues about my high school life. I hope my blogs will make disparate people feel empathy for my austere stories that I will begin writing.