The Claim: A Diet High in Protein Is Bad for Your Kidneys

I have heard a lot of people saying that they should exercise a lot and eat chicken breasts for their diet to be successful. However, I have just read an article that just eating chicken breasts can be very bad for your health. This is because high-protein diets risks kidney damage although one may lose weight.

As I read down the article, I have found out that this could be an assertion. There are little research done about whether this idea is true.

The researchers of the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism have found out that every marker of kidney function was within the normal range in all of the athletes who consumed large amounts of protein. So this study proves how high-protein diets are not that risky.

However, in a study published in The Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers looked at protein intake in 1624 women over an 11-year period and found out that women who had “mild renal insufficiency” accelerated renal decline although it did not cause any serious problems.

Whether high-protein diets are risky or not, it is always important to consume a balanced nutrition for your health. You should always consider the risks of doing any kind of diet and should always know that unhealthy diets may make you lose weight but will bring you side effects.


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One Response to The Claim: A Diet High in Protein Is Bad for Your Kidneys

  1. Colline says:

    When you consume too much animal protein you tend to eat less plant food (which has more of the vitamins and minerals that we need).

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