A Good Night’s Sleep Isn’t a Luxury – It’s a necessity

Students especially in Korea, cannot get enough sleep mainly due to their studies. Korean students receive many assignments from school like many other countries, however, most of them have to do additional studies in hakwon. I myself slept an hour yesterday, doing my school work, studying for the SAT this week, and doing hakwon homework. I usually sleep three to five hours and this lowers my concentration and productivity in classes at school even though I may become more knowledgeable.

Because sleep deprivation is what I experience myself and is also a societal issue especially in Korea, I would like to write about the importance of sleep.

A study showed that people function the best by having seven to eight hours of sleep. Sleep will allow improvements in concentration, short-term memory, mood, productivity, sensitivity to pain and immune function. Furthermore, more sleep can even make a person look more attractive. A study published online in December in the journal BMJ showed that researchers observed how 23 sleep-deprived adults seemed to look less healthy, more tired and less attractive than they were after a full night’s sleep. Sleep makes you look more attractive also because sleep makes you gain fat. A study by Harvard researchers have said that those who slept five hours or less each night were found to weigh 5.4 pounds more, in which 15 percent of them had more possibility of becoming obese compared to a women who slept seven hours.

One should seek treatment if one has health problems that disrupt one’s sleep and should have regular sleeping patterns. Because health is most important, one should not try to squeeze in more tasks to complete into the end of the day. Naps will enhance brain function, energy, mood, and productivity. Thus, people should try taking a nap once in a while instead of sitting for long unproductive hours.


About michellesuh1901
I attend Korea International School and is currently a freshmen.

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