Gym Class: AntiGravity Yoga

Aside from writing about all the health issues, I will write about this gym class that has a very interesting workout routine. It is called the AntiGravity Yoga.

As this picture shows, the AntiGravity Yoga first requires a long silk hammock that is suspended from the ceiling like a swing. AntiGravity Yoga was adapted by Christopher Harrison, a former aerial acrobat. Because of his weak wrist due to an injury, he found traditional yoga to be too much of a pain for his wrist.

“People show up because it’s fun, but they come back because they feel healed afterwards,”

says Christopher. As he have said, AntiGravity Yoga will help release your stress with the fun and challenge of this unusual exercise.  It will also strengthen your cores, stretch out your muscles, and reduce aches. 

Instead of looking for more medical treatments, daily exercises may be more effective in recovering. Thus, people who are interested in AntiGravity Yoga should try it out. Bravery and motivation is all you need to do it.


About michellesuh1901
I attend Korea International School and is currently a freshmen.

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