2AM is a Korean ballad boy band from the JYP entertainment. The members of 2AM includes JoKwon, Jinwoon, Seulong, and Changmin. Their official debut was on July 11, 2008. They performed their debut song, “The Song”. Also, their first Mutizen award was on February 7, 2010 with the song, “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die”.

Changmin’s full name is Changmin Lee and  he is the oldest with the age of 23. He is the only idol who has completed the army service before debut. His first featuring was in Mario’s song named, “Superman” in December 12, 2008 and he also released a digital single with another member, JoKwon, titled, “Graduation”. He is currently a DJ with Sooyoung from Girl’s Generation for “Starry Night Radio”.

Seulong is the second oldest of age 22 and Seulong Im is his full name. He was part of the “Dirty Eyed Girls”. This group performed a parody of the Brown Eyed Girls, a popular Korean idol group. Their music video turned out to be very popular.

JoKwon is the leader of this group, 2AM, with the age of 20. He had been training for 2567 days which is about 7 years and a half in the JYP entertainment. He got into the JYP entertainment through Jin Young Park’s 99% challenge project. He was also part of the group, “Dirty Eyed Girls” along with Seulong. He joined the program, “We Got Married” to coupled up with Gain, a member of the Brown Eyed Girls. Continuing in 2010, they are one of the permanent couples for season 2 of “We Got Married”.

Lastly, Jinwoon is the youngest among the members of 2AM of the age 18. In January 2009, he joined the program, “Family Needed” of the third season. Some of the other people that were in this program were Ricky Kim, Yangrak Choi, and SungJin Lee. On the next year, January of 2010, Jinwoon was diagnosed of H1N1 but quickly recovered.

2AM’s second single album’s title track was, “Confession of A Friend”, released in March 19, 2009. Other songs of this album includes “Lost”, and “Although You’ve Turned Around Now”.Also, their first mini-album was released in the early 2010 and the title track is “Even If I Die I Can’t Let You Go”. “I Was Wrong” is another song in this album and this song also became popular. Other songs include “I’m Sorry I Can’t Laugh For You”, “To Her”, “Laugh”, and “I Love You”.


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  1. Jin Kim says:

    I am very interested in 2AM. I hope I see more news about 2AM.

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