The Claim: A Diet High in Protein Is Bad for Your Kidneys

I have heard a lot of people saying that they should exercise a lot and eat chicken breasts for their diet to be successful. However, I have just read an article that just eating chicken breasts can be very bad for your health. This is because high-protein diets risks kidney damage although one may lose weight.

As I read down the article, I have found out that this could be an assertion. There are little research done about whether this idea is true.

The researchers of the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism have found out that every marker of kidney function was within the normal range in all of the athletes who consumed large amounts of protein. So this study proves how high-protein diets are not that risky.

However, in a study published in The Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers looked at protein intake in 1624 women over an 11-year period and found out that women who had “mild renal insufficiency” accelerated renal decline although it did not cause any serious problems.

Whether high-protein diets are risky or not, it is always important to consume a balanced nutrition for your health. You should always consider the risks of doing any kind of diet and should always know that unhealthy diets may make you lose weight but will bring you side effects.


A Good Night’s Sleep Isn’t a Luxury – It’s a necessity

Students especially in Korea, cannot get enough sleep mainly due to their studies. Korean students receive many assignments from school like many other countries, however, most of them have to do additional studies in hakwon. I myself slept an hour yesterday, doing my school work, studying for the SAT this week, and doing hakwon homework. I usually sleep three to five hours and this lowers my concentration and productivity in classes at school even though I may become more knowledgeable.

Because sleep deprivation is what I experience myself and is also a societal issue especially in Korea, I would like to write about the importance of sleep.

A study showed that people function the best by having seven to eight hours of sleep. Sleep will allow improvements in concentration, short-term memory, mood, productivity, sensitivity to pain and immune function. Furthermore, more sleep can even make a person look more attractive. A study published online in December in the journal BMJ showed that researchers observed how 23 sleep-deprived adults seemed to look less healthy, more tired and less attractive than they were after a full night’s sleep. Sleep makes you look more attractive also because sleep makes you gain fat. A study by Harvard researchers have said that those who slept five hours or less each night were found to weigh 5.4 pounds more, in which 15 percent of them had more possibility of becoming obese compared to a women who slept seven hours.

One should seek treatment if one has health problems that disrupt one’s sleep and should have regular sleeping patterns. Because health is most important, one should not try to squeeze in more tasks to complete into the end of the day. Naps will enhance brain function, energy, mood, and productivity. Thus, people should try taking a nap once in a while instead of sitting for long unproductive hours.

Fixated by Screens, but Seemingly Nothing Else

Due to the technological advancements, there is a huge increase in the number of children that are stuck in front of their television or computers for long periods. These occurrences are either a cause of an effect for the children who have A.D.H.D., the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Experts say that children with these spend more time playing video games and watching television than their peers. However, experts are still unsure whether these children’s behaviors are the cause of the attention hyperactivity disorder or an effect instead.

An associate professor of child psychiatry at New York University School of Medicine says that “it’s not sustained attention in the absence of rewards” and that “it’s sustained attention with frequent intermittent rewards.” This means that children with attention hyperactivity disorder may find playing video games and watching television more pleasurable than other children. This is because their dopamine reward circuitry may be otherwise deficient.

A study made in the journal Pediatrics viewed how there was an association between how much a person viewed television or played video games and their attention problems in both schoolchildren and college students. A pediatrician at the University of Washington School of Medicine, Dr. Dimitri Christakis, says that the stimulation that video games provide “is really about the pacing, how fast the scene changes per minute.” These means that if the children spends excessive amount of time staring at screens, those children will “find the realities of the world underwhelming, under stimulating.”

A professor of psychology at the University of Kentucky, Elizabeth Lorch, says that there is a correlation in the children’s comprehension skills. The children’s ability to remember facts or occurrences from stories did not have much difference. However, children with attention hyperactivity disorders struggled when answering about why an event happened and why a character did something. Her co-author Richard Milich, also a professor of psychology at the University of Kentucky, says that “this inability to see causal relations may affect this social problem we’ve known for 30 years” and that “these kids have dramatic social problems” whom are “highly rejected by their peers.” These children’s struggles to fit in with the rest of the group will lead them to watch television and do computer games even more.

Two Year Old Girl Dies after Thrown from Pedestrian Bridge at Tysons Corner Center

“Two Year Old Girl Dies after Thrown from Pedestrian Bridge at Tysons Corner Center”

I was notified with this news after I was spending my time replying to the walls on facebook.

Many of my friends have changed their profile pictures to cartoon characters with the words:

“Change your facebook profile picture to a cartoon character from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. Until Monday, there should be no human faces on facebook, but an invasion of memories! This is a campaign to stop violence against children.”

At first, I was just wondering what was going on. I never could have imagined that this was in relation to a real-life event that are currently in the news worldwide.

A two year old girl was tossed to her death from the sixth floor by her own grandmother.

People doubted the news. They said that this may be an accident. However, the videos from the mall and some of the witnesses show that it was not an accident. The investigators gathered information and concluded that it is surely done on purpose.

I can just think that the grandmother was insane. This is just unconceivable. The grandmother is currently in jail but I would really want to hear what she says about her actions. It is not just from my curiosity, but also it may prevent future incidents that are like this.

I do not know how these actions can be prevented for the future. However, I hope there will be some change or improvements that would make these never happen.

Gym Class: AntiGravity Yoga

Aside from writing about all the health issues, I will write about this gym class that has a very interesting workout routine. It is called the AntiGravity Yoga.

As this picture shows, the AntiGravity Yoga first requires a long silk hammock that is suspended from the ceiling like a swing. AntiGravity Yoga was adapted by Christopher Harrison, a former aerial acrobat. Because of his weak wrist due to an injury, he found traditional yoga to be too much of a pain for his wrist.

“People show up because it’s fun, but they come back because they feel healed afterwards,”

says Christopher. As he have said, AntiGravity Yoga will help release your stress with the fun and challenge of this unusual exercise.  It will also strengthen your cores, stretch out your muscles, and reduce aches. 

Instead of looking for more medical treatments, daily exercises may be more effective in recovering. Thus, people who are interested in AntiGravity Yoga should try it out. Bravery and motivation is all you need to do it.

An Older Generation Falls Prey to Eating Disorders

“We’re hearing from women, no matter how old they are, that they still have to achieve this societal ideal of thinness and perfection,” said by Cynthia M. Bulik, a director of the Eating Disorders Program at the University of North Carolina.

Whether you are young or old, patients, especially women, are engaging in some destructive behaviors. Experts say that  eating disorders are diagnosed to a lot of the young people. However, as time goes on, more and more women are showing up in clinics due to eating disorders. They also say that as the women gets older, the symptoms may be attributed to aging rather than to merely an eating disorder.

This goes to Ms. Shaw’s case. She was in early menopause when she went to the clinic. She had developed anemia and osteoporosis. Diet and exercise overtook her life as she spent more and more hours in the gym. Thus, she spent less and less time for more important things, such as her family and friends. She said that she wished someone said to her that she has gone to far and is obsessed, and should come back to an ordinary life.

Numerous Americans of about more than 10 million of them are suffering from anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders. The severity of these sicknesses are increasing as the age range has been increasing. People should first consider about their health before going through excessive diets and exercises until the point it damages the body.

20% Rise Seen in Number of Survivors of Cancer

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Cancer Institute, the number of cancer survivors have increased by about 20% in just six years. In 2001, there were 9.8 million, while in 2007, it increased up to 11.7 million. Compared to the past, this is a drastic change as it was only about 3 million in 1971.

According to the graph above, 65% of cancer survivors have lived at least 5 years, 40% have lived 10 years or more, and nearly 10% has lived 25 years or even more.

Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, the director of the Centers for Disease Control, have said that some of the factors that would have caused this increase in the number of cancer survivors may be the following, in which various by type. For some cases of breast cancer and colon cancer, the improved treatments and increased follow-up after these treatments have helped increase survival. Furthermore, generally, these cancer diagnoses are simply the consequences of the country’s aging population and improved care. This means that the people are living long enough to develop these cancers.

Dr. Frieden mentions that “having cancer may be the first stage, really, in the rest of your life” and that “we need to continue to scale up” the services available for cancer survivors.